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Lovelynne Chong started Fyreflyz in 2009. With years of experience under our belt, Fyreflyz is all about teamwork with YOU!

Our team of dedicated individuals want to make a difference with you and be different. We learn new things every week, and do 'work that's not work'. We have passion like you've never seen and we fight for it to be shown. We are always here to pay attention to what you need.

We specialise in generating unconventional concepts and ideas that make a difference, and bringing that magic to life.

We're not just here to grow; we're here to stay with you 100%.



We tackle a broad variety of disciplines in the agile process of creating meaningful products

Fyreflyz's Workflow Fyreflyz's Workflow



Creating relevant fresh ideas, how to promote them and achieving results in the best ways.

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Event Strategy
Social Media Content Management
Vendors / Suppliers / Sponsor Management
Tenant Collaboration and Activation
Event Conceptualisation
Database Management
Cross-promotion Management
Staff Management
3D Design & Installation
Pre-Event Organisation
Exhibition Management

Marketing Strategy
Market Research
Strategic Planning
Customer Journey
Project Management
Social Media Marketing
EDM Design
EDM Creation/Conversion
Interactive EDM
Email Blast & Report
Web Programming
Online Payment Integration

Email Blast & Reports
Social Media Posting
Demand Generation
Event Microsite
RSVP Management
Venue Consultancy & Management
Event Management
On-site Management
CAF Feedback System / Reports
Post-Event Campaign



Our clients are our partners. We work with the expectation and belief that they love their craft as much as we love ours.

Marketing and Events Company Marketing and Events Company


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