Back in 2009 at Jalan Sultan, Fyreflyz busied themselves in
creating bright ideas that works. 100% made in Singapore,
Fyreflyz specialised in creating solutions to the marketing woes
of anyone who knocked on that yellow door.

Years of experience, hundreds of employees, thousands of
bright ideas that worked, Fyreflyz continues its legacy while re-
establishing itself in their new nest at Aliwal Street in 2018.

This change of nest brought about new hope for the future.
Fyreflyz believed in the value of experiential learning.

This is where the younger generation are given the opportunity to work side by side learning from the experience of the older generation. This co-learning environment allows different individuals to learn from each other, seeing perspective from different lenses that makes the team resilient in the face of change, creating solutions with endless potential.

Fyreflyz is built to be taken over by creativity and driven by passion.
The legacy lives on to be continued.

Let's creatively change the world together

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