Lovelynne Chong started Fyreflyz in 2009. With years of experience under our belt, Fyreflyz is all about teamwork with YOU!

We are a marketing company focusing on generating results that you need and want. We work hard through applying marketing principles and tested solutions, without the bells and whistles. Our solid team is small and nimble; and completely expandable anytime we need to give you the extra support, without burning a hole in your budget!

We specialise in generating unconventional concepts and ideas that make a difference, and bringing that magic to life. Marketing is not complicated and we don't complicate things. We will make the result simple: a success.

We're not just here to grow;
we're here to stay with you 100%.


Our Services

Our capabilities are defined by our imagination and refined by our experience - built on strategy, executed by the most appropriate media and medium.

Meaningful engagement is saying the right thing to the right audience at the right time. With digital marketing and smart campaigns, it's not just possible, it's essential.

We are compelling storytellers in the mediums that engage consumers. By taking control of your brand's story, you can shape the way your brand is seen and heard.
We work in a space where brands and technology meet, where brands are willing to create something unique and exciting, exploring endless ways to connect with consumers. We conceptualise and implement graphic design trends with technology to create more engaging, responsive imagery to reach out to your target audience.


We, the people of Fyreflyz, promise to deliver only our best through the Fyreflyz Discipline.

Fyreflyz's Workflow
  We listen, understand your business goals and identify your business pain points while working out your requirements with you/your team. We brainstorm ideas, identify solutions that work and focus on the most efficient and successful execution strategies. We work out the most effective execution plan to ensure we achieve smooth fulfillment of the project and the objectives are aligned. Conjuring up our creative juices and gathering our resources, we actualize the idea. We monitor the project progress at every step to achieve the highest quality of work produced. Once the project is completed and delivered with excellence, we evaluate and work with you and/or your team to focus on the next objective and requirement.  


Our clients are our partners. We work with the expectation and belief that they love their craft as much as we love ours. Marketing and Events Company


Anytime, anywhere - voice, text or mail, we love them all.
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