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 from the creative side


a SYNERGY of KIDS (Kinetic, Innovative, Dynamic, Sapiens) handpicked by The Boss. We are young, fun and the one thing that we share in common is that we’re AWESOME.

Being fun and awesome also represents dynamic, and not brought down by the conventions of norms.

What sets us apart from the others is that we’re young. Being young means that we’re committed to one thing, and one thing only, which is to pursue our craft.

Therefore, you can be sure that we are dedicated and committed to delivering the best possible results.

It all started when Fyreflyz moved into a new office.

Boss had a dream which is wanting to change the company to a
progressive and non-traditional training company where anybody
can be the successor.

100% or nothing at all.

However, that all changed when 2 kids by the name of Corey and
Faustine carried on the dream of a jaded and uncaring visionary,
giving Boss the optimism and redefining her purpose that made
Fyreflyz to what it is today.

Which is an environment that young and inexperienced people can
work together with experienced individuals. Of course the journey
is still just the beginning and there is more to come.


Why we do this

Fyreflyz exists to create possibilities, to ensure that kids have equal opportunities to succeed.

Through this, we can change the world one kid at a time.

We hope to raise and nurture the next generation of ALPHAS that will revamp the marketing landscape.