While marketing is the product, IT is the tool to make it function.

Softwares and systems are critical to the continued growth and success of your business in this fast moving world. Organizations must implement software solutions to increase efficiency and ultimately translate into growth. These are specifically designed and developed to the unique business processes.

This is where Fyreflyz - a team of experienced professionals - come in to understand your needs and tailor software solutions for your company. We strive to create user-friendly layout and interfaces which are simple to use, to shorten the learning process of the new system for your staff.

At Fyreflyz partnering with Innove Technologies Pte Ltd, we have developed a few web-based system to aid the demand of the market. They are:


CAF is a web-based system catered for the needs of the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry to understand the needs of their customers and areas of improvements. CAF consists of a comprehensive set of analytic tools that enable restaurant to do recovery on-site with the real-time alert feature.


eCOLE is a web-based Institute Management System built for colleges, institutes, schools and training divisions who seek to maximize the benefit of Information Technology in the Wired Age. eCOLE consists of a comprehensive set of tools that enable the institute to cover a range of activities from Student Enrollment to Payment Management to Attendance Rosters.


OCTAL stands for Online Collaborative Teaching and Learning. OCTAL is a Learning Management System that combines the best parts of a Computer-based Training (CBT) and Web-based Education System. OCTAL intends to provide students and teachers with the best standards in online and virtual study environments in the form of holistic content administration tools, guided tutorials, multimedia-enabled lectures, automated reporting, and personalized teacher-pupil interaction facilities.


If you are interested in any of the above system or has a specific project you would like to take about,
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