FyreFlyz is a marketing concierge or “Ka Kia”.
Born in sunny Singapore, Fyreflyz carries the Singaporean spirit: small but mighty.
“Ka Kia” is a Singaoprean lingo that means “runner” or “assistant” or more fondly “the person that delivers what you want”.
Though small, we are nimble. Combining different expertise and immense amounts of passion, we give you only the best.
The carefully selected bag of mixed beans (or rather talents) brings you an all-rounded solution.
When you work with us, you will experience a new level of service altogether.
We become part of your team. Your company. Your journey. Your success.

Providing integrative marketing services to many clients (big or small) since 2009.
Creating marketing strategies that work for you. Developing websites that enhance your presence in the world wide web.
Designing branding and corporate marketing materials to help increase your sales. Making sense of your social media campaigns.
Understanding your clients for you. Innovating your business with technology. Managing the little projects that you don’t want to.
Bearing in mind the fundamentals of sending the right message. But most importantly, we are here for the long haul.
We make a difference, one idea at a time, changing businesses with every idea.
Our motto is to understand your needs without burning your pocket.

P.s. Don’t worry. It might seem like we do a lot; but we don’t do everything. Just almost everything that helps grow your business though.

Meet The Team


It started with just one person. Lovelynne started the team and built it one block at a time, inviting the next person to join. Joined throughout the years by one vision: serving with a passion. We are from all walks of life. Diverse and equipped with different experiences. We have been through hardships as individuals. And we have gone through more as a team. We have emerged victorious and glorious. Unlike others, we take pride and passion in our work, our team.

lovelynne Chong




Zhuo Fenghui



IT Consultant

Nur Azimah

Art Director


Accounts Executive

Sherrilyn Tan

Account Strategist


Events Consultant

Join the club. Be one of our happy clients. Experience our passionate ideas that matter.


Action Community for Entrepreneurship

Thanks for this! Really quick work. Couldn’t have done it without you, literally!


Thank you very much, very well done and please extend my gratitude to your team that made everything possible within such a short time.


We greatly appreciate the hard works your team put in, to rush out the website for us to launch it before the NUS Open House. We apologize for the short time frame that we gave you. Thank you for the great jobs your team had put in!


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Fyreflyz on a number of website development projects and have been pleased with the outcomes. They have demonstrated the ability to solve any technical or content issues posed to them. In comparing cost I have also found FyreFlyz to be very cost competitive. I’ve been fortunate to learn a number of things from them and appreciate their expertise in many areas.


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